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“Nature’s Family Store”,
Market Street,
St. John’s, Antigua.

Our Philosophy

At Antigua Dentistry (formerly Cari-Smiles), Dr. Jammula & his associates understand the art and science of enhancing smiles. As a team, we understand the importance of feeling great about yourself and being confident about your teeth.

Cosmetic Procedures

Today, everyone wants a beautiful smile. People who feel good about themselves interact positively with family, friends and business contacts. A beautiful, confident smile plays a significant role in your self-image. Advances in modern dentistry make it easy to restore a life-like beauty to teeth that are stained, chipped, crooked, missing, or separated by a wide space.

Many adults dislike their crooked teeth and sometimes orthodontic treatment can be provided with braces. Thanks to improved technology and materials, our office can now skillfully and quickly change those crowded, crooked and missing teeth into beautiful smiles. Bonding and porcelain laminate veneers are available to restore and correct teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is no longer just for the front teeth. Those old silver fillings that have made your back teeth dark and unattractive can now be replaced with state-of-the-art materials that will make your teeth stronger, healthier, and much more attractive.

Pediatric Emergencies

Although dental injuries and dental emergencies are often distressing for both children and parents, they are also extremely common.  Approximately one third of children have experienced some type of dental trauma, and more have experienced a dental emergency.

There are two peak risk periods for dental trauma – the first being toddlerhood (18-40 months) when environmental exploration begins, and the second being the preadolescent/adolescent period, when sporting injuries become commonplace.

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Student Discount Program

We understand the stressors and pressures of what it’s like to be a student. After all, we too have gone through this stage. But your oral hygiene is very important and we want to make sure our dental services are accessible to students. To ensure this, we have special discounts for students, depending on the type of treatment that needs to be done.

We offer exclusive discounts to students from the following schools (please call our office to discuss details):

  • University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA)
  • American University of Antigua (AUA)
  • Antigua & Barbuda International Institute of Technology
Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism may be the answer you are looking for. If you are visiting Antigua for either business or pleasure or if you are finding that it can be quite costly to have dental procedures in your home town, then consider coming to Antigua and visiting us at Antigua Dentistry.

Are you faced with limited dental insurance coverage? Dental tourism may be the answer. Are you looking for an affordable dentist with top-notch dentist credentials? Again, dental tourism may be for you.

At Antigua Dentistry, Dr. Jammula & Associates come across many patients visiting from out of town. Many of our patients travel from the USA, Canada and Europe. Our patients love being able to come down to beautiful Antigua and having various dental procedures done at our clinic. We accept all type of insurance as well as Visa & MasterCard (please call us to discuss your treatment and payment options).
So before you book your flight and hotel, give us a call and we’ll help you enjoy your vacation in Antigua with a perfect smile!

Call us today at 268-562-4972

We look forward to seeing you!

A variety of non-surgical techniques are available to brighten your smile – treatments range from simple tooth whitening to more complex aesthetic makeovers. If you’ve been unhappy with your smile or just want to know what you can do to improve it, please feel free to call us for a personalized consultation with Dr. Jammula today.

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